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The park has been in development for a number of years; as recently as 2017, it was due to be known as Paramount London, however the company pulled out for unspecified reasons.

Now dubbed the London Resort, a number of huge production companies have since jumped at the chance of filling Paramount’s shoes, with names like ITV and BBC already on board. This will mean that anything from Doctor Who to I’m a Celebrity…, and even Thunderbirds, could see attractions based on them in the coming years.

On top of the park itself, visitors will be greeted with an entertainment district, providing evening activities after park closing, and more than 3,000 hotel rooms.

The multi-billion pound investment will create around 30,000 jobs, and provide a tourism boost for Kent and the outer edges of London.

When asked about the deal with London Resort, Steve Green, ITV Studios Global Entertainment, said: “ITV Studios creates more than TV, building global franchises loved by generations of families, and we look forward to seeing one of our biggest global brands brought to life on such a grand scale right here in the UK."