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Staff Training the Right Way, With Boo Consultancy


Boo Consultancy work tirelessly to perform staff training, and provide staff for visitor attractions. Find out how they do it, and who they’ve worked with, here...

For 10 years, Boo Consultancy has consulted and provided staffing for visitor attractions. They train up professional actors, who have a natural customer service mind, so they can deliver carefully cultivated and bespoke strategies to improve customer experience.

Training your staff is one of the most effective ways to ensure your customers remain happy and entertained at all times. Your FREE ticket to the Family Attraction Expo will give you the chance to come face-to-face with the Boo Consultancy team, to see how they could help to train staff in the most effective ways.

Find out how they’ve helped some of the biggest names in the business, right here...

This man wearing a t-shirt saying "Staff" represents the hundreds of performers who Boo have trained up

Kew Gardens

Boo have worked with RBG Kew since Summer 2013, providing frontline membership recruiters to boost onsite acquisition. Working alongside the Visitor Services & Membership team, they developed a strategy to best capitalise on day visitor conversation.

The team, made up of performers, put their professional training to good use, and achieved consistent exceptional recruitment figures, focussing on Direct Debit acquisition, in particular, to ensure higher retention year on year. They did this through a combination of:

  • Carefully selected messaging;

  • Clear communication;

  • And a friendly “Welcome Led” sales approach.

Due to client confidentiality, specific membership figures cannot be shared, however, several recent ROI %’s can be found below, all of which are calculated after cost:

  • March 19 - 8 Day Campaign - 835% ROI

  • April 19 - 24 Day Campaign - 980% ROI

  • May 19 - 19 Day Campaign - 965% ROI

  • Jun 19 - 8 Day Campaign - 805% ROI

  • July 19 - 10 Day Campaign - 635% ROI

  • Aug 19 - 25 Day Campaign - 765% ROI

British Library

Boo regularly provide a team of membership recruiters to boost on-site recruitment at the British Library. They were asked to run a campaign during the Anglo Saxons Exhibition from 18th October to 19th February.

Their recruitment campaign ran for 115 days over the 4-month period. They positioned a single recruiter by key footfall locations each day, between the hours of 11am-5pm.

Their sales approach always starts with a great welcome, which is an incredibly effective way to promote membership at visitor attractions, through delivering excellent customer service, they are able to build a rapport, then proactively promote membership. This helps enhance the customer journey, as well as facilitates new acquisition.

Boo achieved a total of 706 new members, with a ROI of 340% after cost. 74 percent joined by direct debit, and over 50 percent were gift aided.

This old library filled with books is a great place for Boo to work their magic, training staff to improve customer service

Want to Vamp Up Your Staff Training?

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