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Santa’s Grotto, and Other Santa Experience Ideas For Your Attraction


If you’re looking for some Santa experience ideas for your family attraction, like a Santa’s grotto, you came to the right place...

In our humble opinion, Christmas celebrations will never get old. Whether you’re a child, a teenager, or an adult, there’s something to entice everyone; the magic, the gifts, the food, the drink, the family, the list goes on...

One of the most magical christmas traditions when you have young children is taking them to meet Santa Claus. That said, there are so many other interesting ways to get the family together, helping you to set up some unique christmas traditions along the way.

To get some inspiration for new ways to boost visitor experience at your family attraction during the holiday season, don’t go anywhere. We’ve got the North Pole, Santa, and even reindeer, just words away!

This picture of Santa with a child is the epitome of Santa experience ideas for kids

1. Santa’s Grotto

Most adults will probably have a very distant memory of sitting on Santa’s lap, and receiving a gift from him. So, one of the most memorable and magical christmas traditions for children has to be meeting Santa.

This is a simple, yet joyful, experience for any child, but is also a lovely experience for the parents, who can see the joy on their child’s face. These memories last forever, and being part of these memories, as a family attraction, can be something very special.

As a family attraction, a Santa’s Grotto needs to set the scene. A temporary wooden building is a good place to start, unless you have a spare room free for the occasion. Adorn the room with a decorated Christmas tree with gifts underneath, and a friendly Santa sat on a chair nearby. Couple that with a cosy fire or golden fairy lights, and perhaps some fake snow, and you’ll have a day out to remember.

2. Santa Paws Grotto

These days, modern pets are regarded as a member of the family, so the Christmas festivities don’t just stop with the human family members! So how can we get them involved too? By opening a Santa’s grotto for the pups!

By giving peoples’ dogs the chance to meet with santa, and get some festive pictures taken, you can help create lasting memories for the entire family! No one, not even the furry family members, are left out.

3. Real Reindeers

Another great way to entice families is through having a reindeer enclosure, where visitors can pet and feed these gorgeous furry friends. This is another beautiful Instagram opportunity, which can involve the whole family! Wrap up warm, go and pick up your family Christmas tree, and visit the reindeers in the process.

This toy train with north pole central written on it is a great representation of a children's Christmas gift

4. Snow Globe

A snow globe is also a great little addition to any family attraction, which can be a stand-alone feature, or part of another attraction, like a Santa’s grotto. These globes are filled with fake snow, as well as some Christmassy objects to set the scene. Once the visitor has paid, they can then climb inside, and a wind machine blows the snow around for a photo opportunity.

An attraction like this not only provides a bit of fun, but it also taps into a major market; influencer culture. By providing a great opportunity to get a fun photo for the millennial Instagrammers out there, this really touches upon the social media necessities of modern life.

5. Santa’s Express Train Ride

Although it’s certainly possible to get kids involved in a train journey, it could be difficult to keep the children entertained. Therefore, a Santa’s Express train ride may be one of those fun christmas traditions for adults you could start up with your friends.

Hop aboard an old-fashioned steam train, adorned with red and gold decorations, and enjoy a tasty meal as you steam through the countryside. Watch the world go by, and enjoy some quality time with your friends, playing board games, drinking mulled wine, and eating good food.

6. North Pole Experience

To really take it to the next level, an immersive tour around a make-shift North Pole could be a really great tool to involve the whole family! Take a trip around the North Pole, visit the elves workshop, the reindeer stables, Mr and Mrs Claus’ home, the present factory, and the local village shops. By creating an immersive North Pole village, you’ll really bring the magic of Christmas to life, for children and adults alike!

These reindeer in the snow are a great idea for Santa experiences to get the children ready for Christmas

Liking Our Santa Experience Ideas?

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Santa experience ideas, like a Santa’s grotto, are just some of the ways you can boost visitor numbers at your attraction. By connecting with companies who can help you out, you’ll be fully equipped for the Christmas festivities.

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